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Educational Seminars

Educational Seminar

Appliance Repair & Maintenance - This class will give attendees a basic understanding of proper appliance repair and preventative maintenance. After taking this class attendees should be able to diagnose, repair and maintain their appliances.

Basic Electricity - This class will give attendees a practical understanding of basic electrical circuitry, low voltage control wiring and how to properly utilize an electrical multimeter.

Basic Refrigeration & A/C - This class primarily covers the basics of air conditioning and refrigeration. The instructor discuss the different kinds of A/C systems available, the refrigeration cycle, practical troubleshooting tips, understanding superheat, and the sequences of operation pertaining to different systems. Proper refrigerant charging techniques will be covered along with basic skills.

Boiler Start-Up & Preventative Maintenance - This class will give you the basics of starting the boiler up again and maintenance techniques to ensure proper operation of your boilder systems.

Cabinetry Installation - An overview of cabinet installation. After taking this course you will have an understanding of the basic concepts of cabinet installation.

Domestic Hot Water - This class focuses on domestic hot water, covering conventional tank tape water heaters and what maintenance is important. We will discuss copper fin type boilers with holding tanks and introduce today's high efficiency boilers with indirect water heaters. You will learn proper water chemistry and maintenance optimizes efficiency. We talk about properly recirculating the water and not over pumping it, as well as sizing the system for the right application.

Forced Air Furnaces - This class covers the basics of forced air heat. We will cover standing pilot operation and electronic ignition. We will be discussing the sequence of operation and how to do basic trouble shooting. We will review basic low voltage circuit wiring, how to troubleshoot and understanding electrical symbols.

High Efficiency Boilers - This class covers how systems have evolved over the last 40-50 years. We talk about fire tube boiler systems and some of the pitfalls in trying to optimize efficiency. We show modular boiler systems and talk about primary secondary piping, then we get into fully modulating boilers of today. This is a great introduction into the technology of today and challenges age old "mindsets".

Hydronic Heating - This class will give attendees a practical understanding of how to operate their hot water heating system. We will cover boiler efficiency, heat distribution, building heat load, preventative maintenance in the boiler room, principles of hydronic distribution and trouble shooting techniques. Park Supply of America specializes in hydronic/ hot water heat.

Maintenance For Managers - The goal of this class is to make a more effective and rounded property manager. This class will help managers understand the physical aspects of building operation and how to understand maintenance better from a management perspective. This class is a good prerequisite to preventative maintenance class. It will also help you manage your maintenance personnel more successfully.

Plumbing - The class covers the basics of plumbing. Faucet operations, toilet operation, drain waste vent system and pipe fittings. Water heater operation along with recirculation system will be covered in this class. The instructor also relates water pressure and water chemistry to all aspects of class. The class is geared around the experience of the attendees.

Preventative Maintenance - This class will define what a preventive maintenance program is and how to set one up. We will cover administrative functions that help support a maintenance operation and what categories need to be considered part of the program. The instructor will explain how to document the program adequately and define multiple categories of maintenance on a given property. This class is good for property managers and maintenance personnel that would like to pursue supervision and management.

Sloan Training - This class will show you the basic procedures to repair and maintain your Sloan valves and faucets.

Steam Heating - This class covers proper combustion, gas pressure, boiler efficiency and preventative maintenance. Instructor talks about air venting, trap maintenance, duty cycle of the boiler and how to determine proper building load. If the class wants, the instructor can discuss some steam heat and boiler licensing issues.

Educational Suggestions/Requests - Also offering custom maintenance seminars for your group.

For more information and to register for our upcoming training classes please contact the sales department at:
Phone: 612.822.3180
Fax: 612.276.9079
Email: office@parksupplyofamerica.com

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